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Charities We Support

At BigiNagi, we are making everyone's shopping experience more meaningful. In addition to guaranteeing about our products quality, lower price comparing to market, having a seamless and easy return and refund policy with outstanding customer support program, we donate 20% of the purchase price of each product you buy to a registered and active charity we support. 

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Why Sustainable Fashion and why you should care?

As we start to know more about our planet and have more conscious desire to save it, we tend to favour sustainable fashion and clothing, as a way to both fulfil our needs and saving our planet. Luckily we are living in an era that sustainable clothing, ethically sourced fashion products and recyclability of the materials used in fashion is now part our concern.

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The BigiNagi Process

At BigiNagi, our whole concern is to please our customers with quality products and reliable service. Our customers are in the center of our whole process and having them happy and pleased with our services is what care the most.

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