The BigiNagi Process

At BigiNagi, our whole concern is to please our customers with quality products and reliable service. Our customers are in the center of our whole process and having them happy and pleased with our services is what care the most.

In order to provide the most sustainable and ethically sourced products to our customers, we work with our partners that we choose after a rigorous vetting process. We really make sure the products we provide are recyclable, ethically sourced and are not damaging our environment and our world.

We only cut a margin to sustain our business and we are not doing this work to get rich. Every business of course has to grow and get bigger and reach to more customers, and we have the same ambitions as well, but we are patient. Up until we really scale to thousands of customers, we will keep our expenses, our ads and our outreach efforts minimal. We are thinking long-term.

After an order is placed, we immediately start the packaging and shipping process and in case the product is coming from our partners, we give them the detailed description of our customers request and subsequently continue with our usual follow up, to make sure everything is as our customer requested. 

If by end of the month, we had more than 10 sales, we donate the 20% of each sale equally to the charities we support. In case it was less than 10 sale, we move to subsequent month. We are starting small, but hopefully we grow big and donate larger amounts.

This is briefly how we work. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and drop us a line