Why Sustainable Fashion and why you should care?

Fashion plays a great role in today's world economy and has been important across centuries for human beings. Fashion is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world as well, with annual revenues totalling over £1 trillion.

As we start to know more about our planet and have more conscious desire to save it, we tend to favour sustainable fashion and clothing, as a way to both fulfil our needs and saving our planet. Luckily we are living in an era that sustainable clothing, ethically sourced fashion products and recyclability of the materials used in fashion is now part our concern.

Sustainable fashion has a lot of positive impacts, both to stakeholders of the supply-chain, the farmers and to end-users using them. Unfortunately it is still not the case for a lot of consumers, as a lot of major providers, specially in the e-commerce and social networks are working based on attention economy and encouraging their users to do impulse buying. 

So what we should do? A few suggestions for you, the consumer, to contribute:

  1. Research buy, not impulse buy.
  2. Buy less. Choose quality. Make it last.
  3. Evaluate cost per wear, before you buy.
  4. Buy vintage. Lease high-fashion. Clothes-swap for variety.
  5. Support local or independent labels if product transparency is higher.
  6. Become the textile Go-to-Geek. Spread the word!