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Join BigiNagi, share your art, and start earning!

BigiNagi is an online brand that works with creative visual artists in Afghanistan to support them in getting their unique artworks in the form of custom-made products into the hands of millions of Afghans and international customers globally, while also providing a side-income opportunity for the artists. 
BigiNagi facilitates this process through its online unique marketing and outreach approaches, customer base in the thousands, and using the latest technology solutions to make the whole process efficient. In a pilot phase, we are calling for design submissions from Afghan visual artists interested to work with us, scale their design work and start earning money. Here is how it works:
The visual artist's responsibilities:
  • Provide original, unique, and high quality designs (i.e. calligraphy, graphic design, quotes, painting, etc.) to BigiNagi in digital format (i.e. photos, scans, or other digital media). The artist must own the design, which should be original and not copied from other artists.
  • Comply with BigiNagi's design guidelines.
  • Develop a description of the artwork in English or local languages to help educate BigiNagi’s customers.
  • Promote its approved designs as listed on BigiNagi’s website on its social media and other networks to support promotion of its portfolio.
The BigiNagi responsibilities:
  • Securely receive the artist’s work and review the designs for their uniqueness and originality.
  • Confirm to the artist if the designs is as per BigiNagi’s guidelines and standards.
  • Either use it as it is or re-purpose the artworks into different sizes and shapes to fit into a clothing design.
  • List the products, design note, product information, and artist’s name on BigiNagi’s online platforms for sale to customers globally.
  • Promote and market the products to reach millions of customers and potential buyers through BigiNagi’s proprietary strategies.
  • Share 10% of the purchase price of the products with the artist’s designs to the artist in return for the artist’s artwork. The artist, by submitting their designs as per above list of responsibilities , will get its share for as many products sold as possible, without a limit. For example, if a t-shirt with the artist’s design is listed at USD30 and 500 t-shirts are sold in the past one month, the artist will get USD1,500 gross.
  • Provide monthly product-specific sales report to the artist. Pay to the artist’s preferred online account (bank fees are artist’s responsibility) within 10 days after the end of each month if the artist’s share of the sales reaches at least USD100. For lower sales, the balance is passed on to following months. Artist can request payments earlier for no more than once a month.
  • Remain responsible for the rest of the business activities including managing online platform, designing market-based products, advertising and marketing products, dealing with publishers, delivering products to customers, handling payments, paying business costs, etc. in return for getting a small portion of the income for its own sustainability. 
Ready to get your work in the hands of millions, have a side-income and help BigiNagi contribute to Afghanistan’s economy?
Submit your unique visual works and let’s get started!